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A history of caring

Nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Walter Marshall founded the VOSH-Indiana chapter. He and eleven volunteers embarked on their first mission to bring eyecare to the poor. That mission, to the Dominican Republic, was the beginning of a long tradition of caring for others.

Today the VOSH-Indiana chapter travels to Third World countries (primarily Honduras) bringing hope and help to the poor. Optometrists, dentists, medical doctors, nurses, and lay people from all occupations provide thousands of underprivileged people with eyecare, eyewear, dental care, medication, nutrition information, and in some cases, surgical procedures. Often the VOSH doctors provide professional training to doctors from the country being visited. little boy in Honduras

giving out glasses to person in Honduras Each mission is unique in the service it provides, as it is governed by the makeup of professional and lay volunteers.

There is no greater joy than to be able to help the less fortunate of the world. When you join a VOSH mission, be prepared for the experience of a lifetime.


PHOTOS: Honduras 2000

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