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Welcome to the world of VOSH . . .

Would you like to travel to remote places in Central America, India, or Africa, or somewhere on the Amazon River? VOSH volunteers enjoy helping people where most tourists never venture.

VOSH is an acronym for Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity. Kansas Optometrist Franklin Harms founded VOSH in 1971. Approximately two years later VOSH-Indiana was founded by Dr. Walter Marshall. VOSH membership is composed of optometrists and other interested persons who work to provide eye care to people in the underdeveloped countries of the world.

space holder country roadside in Honduras
Honduras (2001).

Each volunteer donates time and travel expenses to help those who are less fortunate. Helping these people gives each volunteer a deep sense of satisfaction. Often appreciation is expressed with a hug or a pat on the shoulder. In small villages and towns around the world, VOSH-Indiana has provided quality eye care to thousands of deserving patients. Patients of all ages are thankful to have the chance to see again. Recycled eyeglasses are used.

exams given in Honduras space holder Glasses are collected from a variety of sources. The major sources are Lions Clubs, church groups, and individual optometrists. Donated glasses are cleaned, neutralized, and categorized for use on VOSH missions. The glasses for VOSH-Indiana missions are processed by Lions Club members and, along with the rest of the supplies, are pre-shipped to Honduras by the United Fruit Company.

PHOTO: VOSH volunteers examining patients' eyes in Honduras (2001).

In addition to regular missions to Honduras, VOSH-Indiana helps support a full-time clinic in San Pedro Sula run by the Fundacion para Sevicios Medicos Voluntarios.

VOSH can be an exciting and fulfilling addition to your life. Good vision care here in the United States is taken for granted. Health care benefits and government provide vision care for most people. In developing countries, most people are not that fortunate. For many of these people, the VOSH mission team may provide the only eye care they will ever have. space holder young girl wearing sunglasses in Honduras

VOSH-Indiana invites optometrists and any others interested in helping take vision care to the less fortunate of the world to join our organization. VOSH-Indiana needs and deserves your support.

Join VOSH-Indiana today!

Click the link above to download the membership application.

Mail your completed membership application to David Weigel, O.D.

Questions or comments? Conact David Weigel, O.D.

VOSH-Indiana:  a history of caringsmall boy in Honduras

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David Weigel, O.D.
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